I see art as an international language that doesn’t require a dictionary. I believe creating art is not just about the finished product, there is so much in the process of creation that teaches us not just about a certain technique, but about ourselves as well. Thus I embrace the creation process. With meticulous attention to each detail; I take my time with each stroke, line and color for the overall composition. The process almost turns into a dance of medium on canvas creating rhythms in my images. The energy that resonates from within almost takes a life of it’s own intriguing the viewer and guiding around the image. What makes the pieces interesting are the color choices and the small intricate details and patterns seamlessly interwoven into my craft. My intent with my art is to make the viewer look inside to grasp it, to reflect. 
You don’t need to understand, I just want you to think!

© 2018 by Faye Yudin Art

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